Clay Roof Tiles in Lancaster – Add a touch of Charm to Your Building

Clay Roof Tiles in North Wales
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Clay Roof Tiles in Lancaster Give your building a touch of charm with our top quality clay roof tiles in Lancaster. As the North West region’s leading roofing merchant, we’re proud of our association with some of the biggest brands in the business. Our depots in St Annes, St Helens, Manchester, Morecambe and Carlisle offer a comprehensive range of roofing products. You can call us for friendly, professional advice on all kinds of roofing issues. We stock a comprehensive range of roofing products to suit your requirements. Clay roof tiles are available from leading brands such as Marley, BMI Redland, and Weinberger.

For roofers in Lancaster, clay roof tiles are a traditionally lovely feature that offer beauty and durability. However, they are also quite expensive, heavy and need trained roofing experts to lay them. Though clay tiles are long lasting if well cared for, they are also brittle. Breakage and damage occurs from falling tree branches, stepping on them, high winds, hail,  or small animals running across the roof. In this way they are both sturdy and fragile at the same time. Many clients prefer them because they are easy to customise. You can get them in a variety of colours, sizes and shapes, different styles such as flat, wavy, and profiled. You can also choose Spanish, double Roman, Scandia, barrel or French styles according to your building’s  architectural style. The manufacturing process is also quite simple. Using clay tiles is environmentally friendly. Another huge advantage is that they are fire and weather resistant, so that takes care of safety concerns.

One factor that you have to consider is that clay roof tiles in Lancaster must be used on roofs that have a sharply sloping angle. Tiled roofs are extremely long lasting. There have been instances where century-old buildings still sport their original clay tiled roofs. Most manufacturers offer attractive warranties on their products. They don’t rot like timber and are insect-resistant. They don’t decay like wood. Their heavy thermal mass helps to control interior temperatures. They seldom leak, so your building and its contents stay well protected. Contact North West Roofing Supplies for more on our clay roof tiles. Our experienced team can help you to choose the perfect product to suit your needs.