Clay Roof Tiles in Manchester, Perfect for Your Roofing Project

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Clay Roof Tiles in ManchesterFor the best quality clay roof tiles in Manchester, count on North West Roofing Supplies. We buy from top suppliers like Weinerberger, the market leader of clay roof tiles and from others that offer value for money. Clay tiles are made by high temperature baking of moulded clay. How long they are heated and how hot the temperature determines the density of the tiles and how well the colour bonds. When it’s done right, clay tiles can last up to 100 years. We offer the best prices for our clay tiles but when they last that long they are a bargain at any price. We supply clay roof tiles designed for warm temperatures but we also supply clay tiles with the durability to withstand cold and fluctuating temperatures. Clay tiles are an excellent insulator for those cold climates too.

Customers love the look of classic clay roof tiles which have a curved shape and unglazed finish. However, in Manchester, clay roof tiles in other styles are available at our stores. There is a variety of colours available; not just red or brown. We have glazed and unglazed and the shapes may be fluted, flat or even made to look like wood shakes. Check our clay roof tiles that interlock. There is a clay roof tile perfect for every type of architecture and not just Mediterranean Clay tiles are fire resistant and they don’t attract rot or insects which can damage other roofing materials. Beautiful, stylish and durable is a winning combination that makes clay tiles a popular choice.

Clay roof tiles in Manchester are made from natural materials and therefore completely recyclable. It is unlikely that you will be the one to carry out that recycling project because the roof will probably outlive you. It’s a plus that some people will appreciate. Contact us to pre-order your clay roofing tiles. Roofing with clay tiles is a job for professionals so work with your roofer to select the best type of clay tiles for your home. Clay tiles are designed to be used on pitched roofs that are structured to withstand the weight and prepared with the appropriate waterproof membrane base. We can help prepare an estimate for you if you supply us with the roof dimensions. Talk to our experienced and knowledgeable staff to ensure you choose the right clay tiles.