Clay Roof Tiles in North Wales – Attractive and Affordable!

Clay Roof Tiles in North Wales
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Clay Roof Tiles in North WalesClay roof tiles in North Wales are among the most durable of roofing materials. They have a lifespan of up to 100 years. In fact, they were used as early as the 12th century.  One of the reasons why clay roof tiles are so popular among homeowners and builders is their visual appeal. Not only are they available in their signature terra cotta, but they are also available in a range of stunning choices of different colours. Additionally, as a result of the high temperatures used in the kiln, the tiles maintain their vibrant colours for years. They give your home a classic Spanish or Mediterranean style that ties well will any type of brickwork. The reddish colour of clay tiles also gives your home a bright lively crown that will stand out in any North-Western landscape.

We have an excellent reputation for providing top-quality roofing solutions. In North Wales, our clay roof tiles are manufactured to high exacting standards. Moreover, we offer clay roof tiles from top names in the industry. These include top names such as Weinerberger, BMI Redland and Marley. We have close relationship with key manufacturers. In turn, this enables us to negotiate excellent supply deals.  Clay roof tiles are long-lasting and extremely durable. This is evident in the samples found in some archaeology sites. What better roof tile to have on your roof? Durable, attractive and affordable – an excellent option for any homeowner.

Clay roof tiles in North Wales are an excellent option for your roofing project. Whether you are a professional builder, or someone who enjoys DIY projects, our clay roof tiles are a great choice. We have a list of happy clients that include architects, building contractors, individual builders and hobbyists. Contact North West Roofing Supplies today for more information about our clay roof tiles. Clay roof tiles have many benefits, other than aesthetic appeal and durability. They are also a low maintenance product. This means that you do not have to spend time, money and effort to clean your roof. Additionally, these roof tiles are resistant to the effects of weather, from strong winds, rain and snow.