Felt Roofing in Stretford – an Excellent Choice for Your Roofing Project

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Felt Roofing in Stretford If you want to install a durable yet beautiful roof, consider using felt roofing in Stretford. The weather conditions in the North West need robust versatile roofing solutions. Your roof should withstand the strong winds and persistent rainfall that characterises the North West. You should also have a roof that can resist the occasional hail or snowstorm. Roofing felt is a versatile material used as a protective layer between your roof deck and shingles. It can be made from natural or synthetic materials. Organic roofing felt is made from materials such as wood cellulose, while synthetic is made from fibreglass or polyester. Once installed, the felt roofing often receives a bitumen coating to improve its waterproof qualities.

You should hire professionals when sourcing your felt roofing. In Stretford, our felt roofing is exceptional. We source our materials from the top roofing suppliers in the country. Our suppliers have been providing reliable roofing materials in the UK for more than 40 years. We can assist with every type of roofing material. We are famous for our attention to detail, fast turnaround time and customer-friendly approach. With felt roofing, you can be sure to receive a smooth, seamless shingle roof with an impeccable finish. Felt roofing helps roofers create a uniform base for installing shingles. The felt roofing material is also fire resistant.

Our success in providing felt roofing in Stretford is due to the numerous referrals we receive. Prioritising our customers’ satisfaction has driven us to provide the first-rate service every time. Contact North West Roofing Supplies now for more information on our services. Apart from felt roofing, we also supply clay roof tiles, ventilation membranes, roof lights, domes and cladding. Working directly with manufacturers allows us to deliver our materials all over the country at competitive rates. We’re known as the leading roofing supplier in the North West. For all your roofing material needs, including felt roofing, we can assist.