Since its inception in 1986, Acrypol Products has been widely acknowledged as the market leader in Waterproof Roof Coatings for the repair of flat roofs and pitched roofs.  Among the portfolio of tried and trusted waterproofing products are Acrypol+, Tech Seal PU, QuartzDek and Metal-Kote. Acrypol was acquired by Cromar in 2019.


National plastics distribution company, Ariel Plastics, offers the widest choice of roofing sheet, rooflights and roofing accessories available in the UK. The product portfolio includes extensive Roofing Sheet options in Polycarbonate, PVC, GRP and Bitumen sheet and Accessories; Flat Glazing; Dome Rooflights; Roof Drainage and Ventilation; and Cladding for commercial and residential construction projects. Ariel’s nationwide logistics operation, national sales team and dedicated customer support ensures that merchants throughout the UK receive the highest quality service, product and technical support.


Red Bank manufactures clayware for listed buildings and restoration projects, catering for all styles of architectural design. Its range of bespoke and off-the-shelf chimney and roofing components is one of the most comprehensive in the UK.The company employs traditional methods that have been passed down through the generations over the course of its 100-year history. Some of our craftsman are second and third generation workers with over 50 years’ service. Their skills and experience ensure we are able to offer an unrivalled service in the production of bespoke ridge tiles, roof finials, chimney pots, copings, and many other products.


Klober has grown to become one of Europe’s leading suppliers of roof ventilation products and components. Klober has one of the most extensive ranges of roofing products sold today and has been instrumental in bringing innovative products to the market, from vapour-permeable underlays and dry-fix products to the design of in-line vents, influencing working practices used in construction. Klober aims to make its customers’ lives easier everyday by providing first-class service and solving today’s challenges, whilst thinking of tomorrow’s innovative solutions.


Manthorpe Building Products is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of plastic injection moulded, vacuum formed and extruded products for the building industry, with extensive product ranges available throughout the UK. We have over 30 years’ experience in developing products and solutions that deliver a variety of benefits to the construction industry. We pride ourselves on our high quality standards, not just for the products that we produce; but for our design, manufacture, sales and delivery processes as well.

Hambleside Danelaw

Hambleside Danelaw is the UK market leader for its flashing, ventilation and roofing accessories. These comprehensive ranges cover everything needed on your roof from Dry Fix Valley Troughs to tile roof vents. With over 40 years’ experience in manufacturing products for the construction industry, we have unrivalled expertise when it comes to the development, manufacturing and distribution. We produce all of our products in our state of the art manufacturing facilities at Daventry, Northamptonshire.
Hambleside Danelaw’s brands Danelaw®, Dryseal® and Zenon® deliver high quality and innovative product solutions that stand the test of time for all types of roofing applications.

WT Knowles

W T Knowles is the only privately owned manufacturer of chimney pots in the UK. Many of the traditional clay moulding processes from the early 20th Century are still retained, producing both glazed and unglazed products. The original kilns were all coal fired but today company has six down-draught beehive kilns five of which are gas fired with just one remaining coal fired kiln. W T Knowles is the only UK manufacturer offering traditionally glazed chimney pots. The clay chimney pots are designed and manufactured to BS EN 13502:2002. A very wide range of clay chimney pots have been tested and certified by BSI. A quality system to BS EN ISO 9000 is in operation.

Ultimate Roofing Products

Ultimate has an extensive range of roofing components enabling roof construction to comply with all relevant standards in addition to the high quality and the highest technical design standards. North West Roofing have partnered with Ult-Mate Roofing & Building Ltd, the UK’s new leading supplier in Roofing Ventilation and Dry Fix Components, as we value them as key strategic distribution partner linked to the professionalism and knowledge within the Management Team.

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