BMI Metal Roof Solutions

We deliver innovative roofing and waterproofing systems, designed to transform the way people live and work. Providing protection, added value and peace of mind for architects, roofers, building- and homeowners alike.BMI Group is a Standard Industries company, like GAF, the leading manufacturer of roofing and waterproofing solutions in North America. Together, we are the largest roofing and waterproofing business in the world.


National plastics distribution company, Ariel Plastics, offers the widest choice of roofing sheet, rooflights and roofing accessories available in the UK. The product portfolio includes extensive Roofing Sheet options in Polycarbonate, PVC, GRP and Bitumen sheet and Accessories; Flat Glazing; Dome Rooflights; Roof Drainage and Ventilation; and Cladding for commercial and residential construction projects. Ariel’s nationwide logistics operation, national sales team and dedicated customer support ensures that merchants throughout the UK receive the highest quality service, product and technical support.


As the only British manufacturer of lightweight roofing systems in the UK we provide a unique service to our clients. Offering eave to ridge tile systems in Pantile profiles, to our lightweight roof panel systems; in Slate 2000, Villatile, Ultratile, Profile 49, and Plaintile. All of our profiles come in a granulated and Chic finish. We are proud to be a British Commercial Roofing Company and our quality is second to none.With the introduction of Tactray 90, a roof solution is now available with spans of over 5m and U-Value down to 0.1 Kw/h giving the specifier a wide scope of choice. Our Liteslate range is a superb and durable plastic roof tile.

Also, we do Plastics & Timber Supplies – CLICK TO VIEW WEBSITE