Cembrit UK is part of the Cembrit Holdings A/S group which is one of the leading European manufacturers of multi-capability fibre-cement building products. Our range of products include fibre cement slates & ridges, corrugated sheeting, fibre cement façade boards & planks and building boards. Our products and solutions add exciting new design opportunities for moulding attractive, durable settings for people’s lives. But Cembrit is more than mere products. We also help make all kinds of design and construction projects easier – as well as more profitable, inspiring and effective. For us, all construction also involves building relations with people, making your day better, and helping you make the day better for others. We sell know-how without the backup of know-how a product is nothing. What we really sell is Cembrit know-how – how to help you achieve more by using fibre-cement products. To benefit your business, and to keep your clients – and their clients, tenants and users – happy. Our technical staff are available to discuss your project requirements and to advise on how best to achieve the required results.


SVK is a family business with a rich tradition and a focus on the future. We currently have over 115 years of experience as a producer and distributor of construction materials. Thanks to this experience we know better than anyone how to adapt to constant evolution. Today our specialty is the production of fibre cement, a material made from a combination of reinforcing fibres, additives, cement and water. Fibre cement is used for both roofing and façade applications. From agricultural applications involving sheets of corrugated material to unique design projects using slates and façade panels.  SVK is a flexible partner for sustainable facade and roof solutions. Together with our enthusiastic and skilled employees, we believe in sustainable and high-quality products. Through a focused, proactive approach, we respond to the needs and expectations of our customers. We strive for an efficient use of energy and raw materials, in order to minimise our environmental impact.

Also, we do Plastics & Timber Supplies – CLICK TO VIEW WEBSITE