Quality Felt Roofing in Carlisle you can Count On

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Felt Roofing in CarlisleFor your felt roofing in Carlisle, count on North West Roofing Supplies.

If you have ever wondered what purpose felt underlayment serves, we can tell you it has an important role in protecting your home from the damage moisture can cause. The roofer will layer felt between the shingles and roof deck as a second layer of protection against the elements. In a driving rain, moisture can penetrate between or under shingles. Ice dams in gutters in the winter also can trap water under shingles but the felt allows the water to run off. The felt acts as a barrier between that moisture and your wood substructure. In some instances, felt underlayment enhances the fire resistance of the roof shingles. Felt is a worthy backup for your shingles.

Roofing contractors know that a roofing job can get interrupted by unexpected rain showers and storms. In Carlisle, felt roofing will help protect the wood deck and home from water along with tarping. Once the felt is down, protection is in place while the shingles are being set. It also provides a smoother surface to work on. There are two weights from which to choose, 15 or 30. Our experienced staff at North West Roofing Supplies can help you determine the right one for your job and the amount you need. For superior backup you can even add a double layer if conditions warrant it. Our staff has actual roofing experience so they will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Our suppliers for felt roofing in Carlisle carry brands that are well respected and proven over time to perform as promised. BMI Icopal, IKO and Chesterfelt are all well-known brands in the UK roofing industry. We stock all three and know each to stand behind their roofing products. Roofs done right will always have a felt roofing layer because it just makes sense. It provides the extra protection and confidence customers want throughout the lifespan of their roof. Whether building owner or roofing contractor, contact North West Roofing Supplies. We are here to help you get the job done right. We now have five locations from which to serve you so you can count on quick delivery to anywhere in the area.