Roof Tiles in Little Plumpton, Large Variety Available for Your Needs

Velux Products in Haydock
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Roof tiles in Little Plumpton are made from clay, concrete, slate, terra cotta, metal and even plastics.

Not all tiles are appropriate for all climates. For instance, terracotta is gorgeous on desert homes but it’s not the ideal tile for our Climate. We’re not missing anything though because our clay, concrete and slate tiles serve us well. They are designed to keep out the rain and give long lasting service. Our clay and concrete tile roofs can withstand the hail, rain, and winds we are all too familiar with. Plus, these roof tiles are fire resistant which is good because lightning has been known to strike. The tiles are beautiful in appearance and can be any colour and texture. They can even be made to look like wood shakes.

We sell these roof tiles at our locations. For customers and contractors in , roof tiles we stock come from three major suppliers. Their reputation for quality and value is why we can recommend their products. We are able to buy at the lowest possible price and pass those savings on to our customers. Roof tiles really are a great value when you consider it’s likely the only roof you’ll ever have to install. Tile roofs can last 100 years. Some are even warrantied for 50 years. If you are still around when the roof comes off you will be glad to know those tiles are safe for pulverising and recycling. There are no dangerous chemicals used in making these tiles.

Roof tiles in Little Plumpton, as well as all other quality roofing materials and supplies are available at competitive prices at North West Roofing Supplies. Our roof tiles made from concrete and clay are heavier than shingles. However, that same weight aids in the energy efficiency of your home. Roof tiles are also low maintenance and it takes a heavy hit for a tile to break. These roof tiles almost never leak and they don’t decay or succumb to insects or rot. Contact us today and we can help you select roofing materials and estimate how much you will need. If long-term durability and great aesthetics is what you are looking for then roof tiles are your best buy.