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Skylight Products in ManchesterVelux skylight products in Manchester are stocked by North West Roofing Supplies. There’s a reason why we choose to make the Velux brand available to our customers. It’s all part of our success story. North West Roofing Supplies was established in 2001 and since that time we have expanded to 5 locations. Our success is based on customer service, fair pricing and product brands proven to provide the best value for the money. Velux skylights and roof windows is an example of our product standards. The company is committed to quality control and spend a good percentage of their assets to make sure the last one out of the box is the same high quality as is the first one.

For DIY-ers and roofers in Manchester, skylight products from Velux are worth looking into. Velux products are high quality. Their business is still thriving and some of the sky windows they installed forty years ago are still in place and operable. You’ll be pleased to know that we are proud to stock Velux skylight products. We believe in quality and we will not sell anything that does not meet our standards. Velux are proud of the high standards of quality expected of all their products. In fact, for some areas, such as watertightness, they have introduced their own standards that are stricter than international standards.

The Skylight products in Manchester we source for our customers are high quality but we can still offer great pricing. We choose our suppliers carefully and build long term compatible working relationships with them. That and our volume of sales helps keeps prices down for us and therefore our customers. Contact us about our Velux skylights. They are tested under all weather conditions to insure their durability and leak proof quality. When a contractor opens a Velux skylight box, they’ll find a complete kit with everything needed for a quick, trouble free installation. We’ve covered quality and fair pricing so that leaves customer service. Count on us to make your job easier with our product knowledge, attention to detail, free advice, and delivery six days a week.