Stunning Roof Tiles in Normoss add the Final Touch to Your Building

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Roof Tiles in Normoss North West Roofing Supplies stocks the roof tiles in Normoss that are perfect for your roofing project. You want tiles that can withstand whatever Mother Nature can throw at them but you really want tiles that complement your house and in just the right colour. So how do you find out how to get brawn and beauty for your roof? Talk to the staff at any of our North West Roofing Supplies locations and they will be able to answer all your questions and make recommendations. We stock roof tiles from select companies that have a proven record. Those manufacturers of both concrete and clay tiles are Weinerberger, BMI Redland and Marley. In addition to those brands, we also stock concrete tiles by Quinn, Russel and Forticrete.

All of these manufacturers are highly respected in the industry with a long history of innovation and product design. In Normoss, roof tiles manufactured by these companies meet or exceed British Standards. So what’s the difference between clay tiles and concrete tiles? Not much. Either should last the lifetime of the structure. All meet the standards for protection from fire, wind, hail and freeze/thaw. All offer beautiful colours and interesting texture to complement the architecture of your home. The primary difference between clay and concrete is cost. Concrete is more readily available and therefore less costly. However, it is heavier so the building structure must be adequate to support the weight.

At Northwest Roofing Supplies, we purchase roof tiles in Normoss in large volume from select manufacturers. We are able to secure attractive pricing and we pass those savings on to our customers. Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or one of our loyal tradesmen, you will receive personalised customer service from our staff. They know our products and can answer your questions and help with selection. Contact us about our wide range of tiles. Tell us your roof dimensions and we’ll be able to quote you prices for your upcoming roofing project. You want roof tiles that will protect your home and be aesthetically pleasing. We’ve got them.