Timber Products in Chorley

Timber Products in Bolton

Timber Products in ChorleyIf you require timber products in Chorley, our experienced team can assist you. Should you need timber trusses, our experienced staff will measure and will then manufacture the trusses to your specification.  The other timber that is normally used to create a strong and sturdy roof we stock at all our branches. We also keep roofing battens and plywood boards among many other timber products.  Our experienced staff will help you choose the perfect tiles or slates for your new roof or in case of a repair we will match up the tiles and slates as near as humanly possible. All our products are of the highest quality and are offered at very affordable prices.

Most roofs are difficult to repair and make waterproof unless you have the correct materials. In Chorley, timber products are just one of our large ranges of roofing products. We supply lead sheeting as well as a whole array of other materials that are necessary to repair or fit a roof. We also stock various types of roofing insulation which is very necessary to effectively weather proof the roof as well as ensuring energy efficiency. If you are not a DIY enthusiast and would rather have a professional repair or fit your roof we can recommend a number of extremely competent roofing contractors who use our top quality materials.  If you are looking for extra natural light in your home you could consider a skylight or roof dome and we have a number of options you could consider.

We can supply a large number of timber products in Chorley. We have five branches in the North West including our St Annes branch, our new branch at Carlisle and are within easy delivery distance to almost all places in the North West. Contact North West Roofing Supplies today and let our experienced staff help you find all the materials you need. We can supply any material needed for a roofing project to be successfully and timeously completed. We have a close relationship with the manufacturers of roofing materials which means you get stock at a very affordable price. We have an excellent working relationship with some of the best national freight services and can arrange delivery to anywhere in the United Kingdom.