Choose Clay Roof Tiles in Wrexham – Choose Style and Quality

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Clay Roof Tiles in Wrexham Clay roof tiles in Wrexham are an excellent choice. These tiles offer numerous benefits along with their good looks and strength. One of the top benefits of clay roof tiles is their longevity. A clay roof tile can provide the same good looks and service life as the day they’re first installed.  Not only that, but they look good too. A roof with clay roof tiles makes a statement. Most are inspired by Mediterranean and Spanish designs, adding a stylish and pleasing look to any building. We offer a superb range of clay roof tiles that will meet your requirements.

For your roofing project in Wrexham, clay roof tiles are an affordable option. In addition, we offer a range from top name brands. These include prestigious names like Weinerberger, Marley and BMI Redland. Each brand offers exceptional quality clay roof tiles that are not only a delight to the eye, but pleasing to the pocket too. Choosing clay roof tiles means choosing a durable product that offers weather and rot resistance. Clay is also fire resistant, making this the perfect roof tile choice for your home. Moreover, it aids with insulation as air can circulate freely under these tiles. This in turn helps regulate the rooftop temperature and maintain temperatures within the building. Another great benefit of choosing clay roof tiles is that they are easy to maintain. Our experts are available to assist you in choosing the right roof tiles for your project.

As the leading roofing merchant in the North West, we’re proud of our available clay roof tiles in Wrexham. We include a delivery service to ensure that you have access to your roof tiles when you need them. Making use of national freight services, we can deliver the products you need at a very competitive rate. For more details about our beautiful clay roof tiles, contact North West Roofing Supplies today. In addition, we maintain close ties with our suppliers. This means that we can pass on extra savings to you, along with the latest news of cutting edge products in the industry. Choose clay roof tiles for your building and choose style, quality and excellent value for money.