Fatra Single Ply in Chorley

Fatra in Lancaster

Fatra Single Ply in ChorleyWith Fatra single ply in Chorley you can protect your roof and enhance your building’s structure, health and longevity. At North West Roofing Supplies, we stock, supply and install all the latest, leading, premium roofing products. Our range includes roof tiles, slates, windows and uPVC products to suit your needs, preferences and budget. We can assist you whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, independent contractor, professional roofer, builder, home-owner, or commercial contractor. Our nearly two decades’ experience and the strong and reliable relationships established with key suppliers form the foundation of our business. Customers can vouch for our friendly, efficient, professional, affordable rates and services covering the whole of the North West region.

For contractors in Chorley, Fatra single ply roofing membrane is a great choice to waterproof your roof. These products give the best performance with minimum impact on the environment. They contain recycled content, ranging up to nearly 30% in some cases, and can in turn be fully recycled at the end of their useful lives. All Fatra products are manufactured according to Quality Standard ISO9001 and Environmental Standard ISO14001. These membranes are designed for both flat and pitched roofs on public and private buildings, residential complexes, apartments, industrial, administrative, sports and/or agricultural buildings. They have outstanding qualities, life-expectancy and performance, fire-resistance, with the average life of every membrane being at least 30 years.

Fatra single ply in Chorley is the perfect choice for ventilated, non-ventilated roofs, inverted, flat or pitched roofs, and traffic or non-traffic roofs. Our experienced team can advise you on design, installation and maintenance aspects of installing these products. Call us for more information on our wide range of products and top-quality services. When you choose Fatra, the price includes all components. It is highly weather resistant and puts minimum load on your roof. Water-vapour permeability is very high, hence you don’t have trapped condensation in the roof area. Excellent weldability and a large network of trained applicators make these products an excellent choice. Our technicians can advise you about the various methods of installation – these include fastening, adhering or ballasted methods. If you have a roof-garden, the last choice is the right one for you.