Fatra Single Ply in Formby

Fatra in Lancaster

Fatra Single Ply in FormbyFatra Single Ply in Formby is proudly distributed by North West Roofing Supplies. We only carry the roofing products proven to be worth the cost and effort of installation. Fatra manufactures waterproof membranes for all types of roofs but commonly used as a single waterproof layer that adheres to the insulation layer on flat roofs. This effective membrane is most often used on commercial buildings. Fatra waterproofing membranes have a lot to recommend them. They look good even if most people never see them, we think it’s good to know your roof looks good after installation. At the end of the membrane life span, it can be recycled but don’t get in a hurry. This product will last, maintenance free, for thirty years or more. We call that getting your money’s worth.

At North West Roofing Supplies, we like stocking products for our contractors and do-it-yourself customers we’re comfortable recommending. In Formby, Fatra Single Ply is one of those products. These waterproof membranes do exactly what they are supposed to do; they resist wet weather and also chemicals. They are also root resistant so you won’t see little maple trees sprouting on your roof. If you don’t want a heavy load on your structure, Fatra Single Ply could be the right choice for you. You want a fire resistant material on your roof and Fatra brand meets that qualification. Installation should be no problem. The material is used frequently so there are many experienced roofing professionals available to do the job for you.

When choosing roofing material, even high quality like Fatra Single Ply in Formby, you want to be sure you’ve chosen correctly for your particular project. All you have to do is contact North West Roofing Supplies and tell us about your roofing needs. We’ll run through your options and help you make the right choice. If you need installation but don’t know who to call, we can give you a list of reliable contractors from which to choose. Choose three because it’s always wise to get three bids and hear the recommendations of each before making your final decision. One thing you can count on with a Fatra Single Ply the performance that the manufacturer promises.