Felt Roofing in Whitehaven, Top Quality at Excellent Prices

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Felt Roofing in WhitehavenTop-quality roofing solutions such as felt roofing in Whitehaven are available with us. North West Roofing Supplies is a one-stop shop for all your roofing supplies. As the region’s leading roofing company, we stock a comprehensive range of products. Whether you’re a private/commercial building owner, or building contractor, professional roofer or DIY enthusiast, you’re sure to find everything you need at our premises. Our range of products includes accessories, alternate roof coverings, batten, cladding, clay/concrete roof-tiles, EDPM/ventilation membrane, GRP, insulation, lead sheets, liquid coatings, roof domes and skylights, and roofing slate besides felt roofing. All our products undergo our rigorous quality standards and are available at affordable rates.

As everywhere, in Whitehaven, felt roofing is used to protect the top layer of the building. It is between the tiles or shingles and the outside of the ceiling. It also serves as a backup for the waterproof membrane. This product has the name tar paper or under-payment in different parts of the world or the country. Some contractors take extra precautions and lay felt roofing under each layer of tiles or shingles. Generally speaking, a single layer should suffice, and you should regularly inspect it for damage. The best building contractors recommend felt roofing. It may also be a requirement in certain building codes.

Felt roofing in Whitehaven consists of a base of organic materials such as wood cellulose or synthetic materials such as fibreglass. This layer has a coating of asphalt (bitumen). The main purpose of this product is to add protection to your building and its contents. Continuous rain can damage the inner ceiling, promote the breeding of fungi and pests, destroy furniture, artwork and soft furnishings. Additionally, it can also become a health hazard to the occupants. This material is water-repellent but allows the paper to breathe and remain fresh. For more details on how we can assist, contact North West Roofing Supplies. Ensure your team applies it properly for best results.