Flat Roof in Bury

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Flat Roof in BuryAn almost level roof in contrast to the many types of sloped roofs is the definition of a flat roof in Bury. The slope of a roof or pitch is approximately up to 10 degrees in a flat roof. This is the most ancient form of roof and was used in mostly arid climates allowing the roof space to be used as a living area. In wetter climates the flat roof is usually covered by a waterproof membrane which protects the building from leaks. The rainwater flows from the roof into gutter system which leads the water away from the walls of the building to prevent damp. The roof is usually built from timber with a plywood sheet covering the timbers.

This is the cheapest and easiest form of roof but needs to be built and sealed correctly. In Bury, flat roof builders need to make sure that the roof is sealed in the corners and against any walls as this is where they tend to leak. Our company makes sure that all our materials for roofing are of the best quality. We have been supplying affordable roofing supplies for over 16 years and now have four outlets for our customers whether they are DIY enthusiasts or professional roofing companies. We have forged close ties with most of the leading suppliers which lets you take advantage of our preferential prices.

We supply all of the materials used in building a flat roof in Bury. It takes specialist knowledge to erect a flat roof as the sealing can be tricky. Contact North West Roofing Supplies today to order your roofing materials and we will deliver it to your door six days a week if you are within our delivery area. If you are further away we can easily arrange delivery by one of the national delivery services. We stock one of the widest ranges of roofing requirements for pitched and flat roofs in the North West and have a wide range of tiles and slates. Our slates are imported from Spain in a number of sizes and we supply insulation, PVC roofline and roof windows.