Flat Roof in Oldham


If you are installing a new roof, consider a flat roof in Oldham. There are advantages to flat roofs and greatest is cost. Most flat roofs use rolled roofing;  rubber, synthetic rubber or bitumen. Newer products are used as they pass the test of time including fibreglass. We can give you all the information on the various materials. We stock or can order any flat roofing materials you need. Our staff is well informed and experienced. They can give you the pros and cons so you can make the best choice for you. Installation is less labour intensive and so less costly. If you’re planning to install the roof yourself, it will be easier than a pitched roof. We can give you help with recommendations and suggestions for your do-it-yourself job. If you need a professional installer, we can recommend several.

Once a flat roof is installed, you have added usable space inside and out you would not have with a pitched roof. For buildings in Oldham, flat roofs mean no attic so you gain height space inside. If the ceiling level is low, the extra space can make a difference if the building is a factory or warehouse. You will have more stacking space and room for overhead equipment. Even a few inches more in height make the whole building feel more spacious. We sell sky windows guaranteed not to leak if installed correctly. A few of these on your flat roof brings in natural light. Heating units and air conditioners can be roof mounted on a flat roof. That clears the clutter and improves the building appearance at ground level.

A flat roof in Oldham on sunrooms and garages creates a usable deck. Build a stairway going up and for safety and appearance install an attractive railing. At your home, a flat roof deck is a nice place to watch the sunrise and sunset and offers privacy for relaxing. No room for a garden at ground level? No problem; ask us for tips on planting a roof garden. Contact North West Roofing Supplies with your roof dimensions and we can give you a material cost estimate. We can bundle up everything you need to install your new flat roof and deliver it to your door.