High Quality Fascias and Soffits in Normoss to Protect the Interior of Your House


Fascias and Soffits in NormossIf you need fascias and soffits in Normoss for your project, pay us a visit where you will find the perfect fascias and soffits for your needs. We are regarded as the North West’s leading roofing merchant, and have a top quality range of all the roofing materials you may need. This includes our range of fascias and soffits. Using top quality roofing materials goes a long way in sustaining the integrity of your home’s roof.

The importance of a structurally sound roof isn’t always understood. In Normoss, fascias and soffits form an important part of your roof. They will keep your home dry and free from uninvited pests, and they will add aesthetic value to your home. The soffit is another element of the roof system deserving of attention. A covering that is situated between the outer edges of your roof and the adjacent wall of the house, the soffit seals and protects the rafter feet. As they are made from PVCU, they are designed to last for many years while retaining their crisp clean look. The fascia is a board that is attached to the exposed edges of your rafters. The main purpose of this board is to protect and seal the roof and the interior of your home from exposure to the elements. It also serves to support roof tiles at the level of the eaves, as well as provide support for the guttering. Traditionally they were made from softwood, but as wood has the tendency to rot, the wood has been replaced with PVCU. This makes them lightweight, durable and attractive too.

Fascias and soffits in Normoss are available at any of our branches. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, top class roofing material and affordable prices. If you would like more information about our available fascias and soffits, contact North West Roofing Supplies. You are also welcome to pay us a visit. If you are unable to transport your new fascias and soffits, please speak to us as we offer a convenient and efficient delivery service. As we work closely with key manufacturers, we are able to offer top quality roofing materials at excellent prices.