High Quality Lead Sheet in Formby for Your Roofing Project

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Lead Sheet in Formby You may need lead sheet in Formby for your roofing project. As lead is one of the most eco-friendly materials to use, with the lowest carbon footprint of all hard material, it makes sense to use lead sheeting for your roof. It is also 100 % recyclable. It is one of the most commonly used roofing products for any type of roof. Lead sheeting can be used for flat and pitched roofs, flashings, gutters, parapets and all lead detail work. Looking for a top quality product and a quality price?

We are known as the number 1 roofing merchant in the North West. In Formby, lead sheet that we offer is one of the huge supply of roofing materials that we have on offer. The lead sheet we supply is premium cast and rolled lead sheet. Both of which are manufactured to the highest of standards. Strict quality control is in place in accordance with a quality plan certified by the British Board of Agreement for machine cast lead, and the British standards Institution for rolled lead. We only sell quality products. The lead sheet is further checked, ensuring that each lead roll has a consistent thickness and UK standard specification weight. Another added bonus is that each lead roll for weatherproofing now has a CE mark to ensure the material is fit for purpose. All round, our lead sheeting is a top quality product. Our main supplier for our lead sheeting is Midland Lead, well known for their premium quality lead products. In fact, they are the UK’s only lead manufacturer to offer the entire range of lead products. We are proud to be associated with the company.

Lead sheet in Formby is a necessary part of your roofing project. As we maintain good relations with all our suppliers, we are able to pass on excellent prices to you, ensuring that you receive an excellent product at an excellent price. To find out more about our available lead sheet, contact North West Roofing Supplies today. You are also welcome to pay us a visit at any of our 5 branches.