Looking for Roofing Materials in Bolton


Slide-1Looking for roofing materials in Bolton can relatively easy whether you are a roofing company or a DIY enthusiast. We have 4 branches in the North West and can supply everything from windows and domes to tiles and slates. We also supply roofing trusses and will send one of our experienced staff to measure up for you. We keep battens in stock to go with the trusses. Besides delivering to the local areas we can send any of our products nationally due to our excellent working relationship with national freight services. We also offer a free estimation and specification service. Our enthusiastic and well-trained staff are eager to help with all of your queries and will offer you the best possible solutions to your problems.

When your roof has a leak in Bolton, looking for roofing materials is easy. Finding the right company with top-quality, affordable products may not be as easy. That is why we only supply the best available quality materials at a very reasonable price. We stock all materials required to repair or fit a flat or pitched roof. Anything from lead sheeting for flat roofs to the best available slates and tiles. We stock all essential insulation to make your roof weatherproof and energy efficient. The roof on a building is the only thing that keeps the weather out and if you have a problem the contents of the entire building are under threat. If you call in a roofing specialist make sure the necessary materials are purchased from us as we offer the best prices for the highest quality products.

Looking for roofing materials in Bolton is easy as we have branches across the North West. Contact North West Roofing Supplies today if you are looking for roofing materials. We will help you calculate all the materials you need for any roofing project. Many years of experience have ensured that our expert team of consultants can confidently offer the best prices for top quality roofing materials.