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Looking for Skylight Products in St HelensIf you’re looking for skylight products in St Helens, come to North West Roofing Supplies. If it goes on a roof and the quality is proven, we have it. Quality products are what we deal in so our skylight products are supplied by Velux. Skylights have to be manufactured according to international standards but Velux tests their products beyond the standard especially for water tightness. For water tightness, Velux sets the standard. Have you stood in a home where buckets are placed under skylights when it rains? That home does not have Velux skylights installed. If the contractor installs our skylights according to Velux specifications they will serve, without leaks, for decades.

Velux manufactures modular skylights for homes or commercial use. In St Helens, looking for skylight products must include these modular designs. Whether you want a grid of three skylights for your kitchen or a whole atrium for your office building, we have the products you need at North West Roofing Supplies. Each skylight is equipped with a special flashing that is guaranteed to be water tight. There’s nothing quite like our modular designs to bring natural light into the dark areas of homes and commercial office buildings. They help improve production because employees feel more energised in natural light. We have all the materials for a perfect skylight installation.

When you are looking for skylight products in St Helens, consider skylights for your home that open and close using solar power, electric power or manual power. They allow you to bring in fresh air and expel stale air from your home. For a more economical way to flood your home with natural light, choose our Velux fixed skylight. To learn more about our Velux skylights contact North West Roofing Supplies. Our staff is well versed on all of our products and can answer questions you may have. We can offer skylight products at reasonable and affordable prices without sacrificing quality. That’s true of all our roofing products and accessories.