Protect Your Home with Quality Roof tiles in North Wales

Roof tiles in North Wales

Roof tiles in North WalesProtecting your home with roof tiles in North Wales has several benefits. Apart from being easy to install, roof tiles are quite affordable. A small team of roofers can install your tiles within a few hours. Roof tiles also have excellent insulation properties. Roof tiles reflect the sun’s heat to keep your home cool in the summer. The tiles can also retain heat in your home during the colder months and reduce your heating bills. Roof tiles are also waterproof and safe for rainwater harvesting tanks. An efficient rainwater harvesting system enables you to conserve water and reduce your water bills.

We are among the leading suppliers of roofing materials in the Northwest. In North Wales, our roof tiles are of the highest quality available. We only distribute products from the most reputable manufacturers in the industry. As largescale suppliers, we can offer better prices than most of the other suppliers in the region. We also have excellent relationships with the manufacturers that ensure we always have what you need in stock. As such, we operate a network of depots across the region to enhance the convenience of sourcing your materials from us. Hence, our staff is well informed about all our products and can help you find anything you need within a few minutes.

We specialise in supplying concrete and clay roof tiles in North Wales. The manufacturers we work with include Weinerberger, Russel, Marley, BMI Redland and Forticrete. Our relationship with the manufacturers enables us to pass attractive discounts to our customers. We also use national freight services to deliver our products all over the UK at competitive rates. If you need roof tiles for your project or home, call North West Roofing Supplies right away. We can process your order and deliver the tiles to you in record time. Moreover, our staff is trained to treat you respectfully and professionally. Your satisfaction is our priority.