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warehouse2Fast and reliable access to a quality roofing merchant in Ashton Under Lyne is essential for roofing contractors to offer prompt service, work and labour guarantees and a broad product selection range to their clients. Roofing contractors also need competitive pricing for roofing supplies so they can give their clients a fair price and still make a profit for themselves. At North West Roofing Supplies we have all of that to offer plus reliable delivery from one of our convenient locations in St Annes, Lancaster, Manchester, St Helens and Morecambe. We make it easy for roofing contractors to extend their service areas reaching more customers. We work on the team of our roofing contractors and everybody wins with fair prices and quality materials.

Consistently high quality products is one way North West Roofing Supplies helps local roofing contractors. In Ashton Under Lyne, quality roofing merchant suppliers have good business relations with their retailers and wholesalers and pass on their best prices. North West Roofing Supplies has spent years cultivating good business relations. We pass our benefits on to the contractor and therefore to his customers. Another way we help the roofing contractor is with our dependability. We carry an enormous amount of stock in our supply houses so contractors do not have long waits for materials to begin a project. We are dependable so they are dependable. The end user is a happy customer.

If you are looking for a quality roofing merchant in Ashton Under Lyne, contact North West Roofing Supplies. We offer the building contractor more than competitive prices and quality materials. Bring your roof dimensions to us and we will estimate the materials and costs needed to complete your project. Even if your customer wants a comparison estimate using slate and Italian tile we can prepare that for you to take back to your client. Talk to our customer service staff. Every one of them knows the business of roofing and material supply. Once the bid is accepted let us know the project start date and we will have everything you need to complete the job delivered to your job site. You can depend on us.