Roof Domes in Eccles


Roof Domes in EcclesWe supply roof domes in Eccles at North West Roofing Supplies. Our brand of choice is Velux because it remains a proven brand decade after decade. The company never stands still but continues to develop new and improved products and lead the way with innovations in every product they manufacture. Our roofing contractors prefer Velux because when they install them according to manufacturer standards, customers are not likely to ever have complaints. Their quality products are tested extensively for durability and functionality in all weather extremes. Besides meeting all standards, Velux exceeds standards for water tightness. That effectively makes their product the industry standard for quality. The roof domes are easy to install, do not leak when professionally installed and seldom need replacing, even after decades of Mother Nature doing her worst.

Today’s roof domes are lower profile than the window bubble we’re used to seeing. For our customers in Eccles, roof domes are perfect for flat roof areas of homes, offices, factories, clinics and more. We sell a fixed version or an electrically operated dome with a rain sensor and control pad. Our roof domes are available in 9 different sizes, double-glazed and highly insulated. At Northwest Roofing Supplies, our contractors and their customers love the trim line look of these newer roof domes. The polycarbonate cover provides additional protection and privacy. Each window dome kit contains everything needed for professional installation making the job hassle free for the contractor. If you are a home or building owner and want to check out our window domes, we are always ready to answer your questions.

Roof domes in Eccles is only one of the vast numbers of roofing products we supply at Northwest Roofing Supplies. We have six locations to serve you and all are staffed with well-trained and knowledgeable people who understand the business of roofing. With that many locations, you can count on quick delivery. Our prices are competitive because we make the effort to develop a relationship with our manufacturers and suppliers and we buy in volume. The result is lower prices for us which we pass on to our customers. Contact us about the latest in Velux roof domes. These are fine products that easily live up to the manufacturers claims for quality and durability.