Roof Domes in Hesketh Bank


Roof Domes in Hesketh BankThere are exciting new roof domes in Hesketh Bank for commercial buildings that can save on energy usage. It’s the Velux Dynamic Dome. This new product has many innovative features for installation, dependability and durability. The Dynamic Dome works automatically with the lighting system. The more light coming through the skylight, the more the electric lights dim. It’s all automated and coordinated. At North West Roofing Supplies, we think it’s a great new product. Velux is already the leader in sky windows and in our five locations, theirs is the only brand we recommend. The Velux brand is proven, over decades, to be reliable and durable. Our tradesmen will tell you this is the brand they prefer to install.

Working in tandem with electric lights is not the only new innovation for roof domes. In Hesketh Bank, Velux Dynamic Domes has been redesigned to capture more sunlight and the outer covering diffuses 100% of the light. No other roof dome comes close to delivering this much light. The dome is architecturally more attractive due to a new design that makes it even stronger but lighter in weight. If a roof dome can be elegant, this is the one. Velux has eliminated condensation while making the waterproof seal even better using 50-year silicone. Really, how many of these would you like to order for your commercial building? We can stock more Dynamic Domes because they stack better and we get more per shipment on the truck. That saves some money.

We stock all types of Velux Roof domes in Hesketh Bank. Staff members at any of our locations can help you select the right ones for your project. We’ll do a cost estimate for you that tradesmen can use when quoting on jobs for customers. Our associates are not clerks; they know our products and brands. Look to us as a great resource for information about brand and price comparison. Most of our staff have a roofing background so if you have installation questions, we can answer them. Contact us about our selection of roof domes. You can’t go wrong with Velux and North West Roofing Supplies.