Roof Slates in Warrington


Roof Slates in Warrington One of the leading suppliers of roof slates in Warrington is North West Roofing Supplies. Slate is considered the best material for roofing as it is durable, weather resistant and maintenance free, adding a good look too. It is easy to install, lends itself to sustainable designs and can be easily combined with a number of natural or synthetic materials.  As a company we have been sourcing and processing slate from 1892. With vast experience and the assistance of our expert team we have taken roofing solutions to new heights by using different varieties of slate. We have about sixteen quarries and over twenty-two processing plants producing diverse grades of slate, making us the most exclusive supplier in the market.

For builders in Warrington, roof slates are available in shades of black and grey and the textures may be smooth or rough. Once the slate is extracted, it goes through a transformation process in the industrial units. Subsequently, our expert quality-control team grades the material based on technical and aesthetic standards. Flatness and width form the main criteria whereby slate sections are divided into four main categories. The “R Excellence” selection is for slates of high levels of flatness. The “H Selection “ is of nominal flatness, with  slight variations in flatness/thickness. The “Natural Selection” is of the same quality but allows for greater variations in thickness and flatness and finally, the “Heavy Selection” comprises thick slate  specially applied in areas that require extra thickness. It is unmatched in strength compared to the other grades of slate.

Roof Slates in Warrington, sourced from North West Roofing Supplies, guarantees a quality that is unrivalled due to our rigorous quality checks during the production process. We ensure that quality slate is extracted directly from our quarries, and they are subject to environmentally sustainable processes to further increase their durability and aesthetics.  Our traceability policy ensures that our clients have access to precise information about supplies because of a unique bar code by which each product can be identified. For more information about our available roof slates, contact North West Roofing Supplies. All our products come with a declaration of performance, international certification and traceability.