Roof Tiles in St Annes

Marley in Lancashire

Marley in LancashireAll your roofing material needs, including roof tiles in St Annes can be found at North West Roofing Supplies. We deal with manufacturers that we have learned to trust for their quality products and fair pricing. We have customers we need to keep happy and our contractor customers have their own customers they need to keep happy. Our experience has led us to those brands that we can all be proud to promote. Everybody has the last end user, the property owner whose roof is being retiled, in mind. If he’s happy we’re all happy, all the way up the line. That’s how we earn our success. We now have three more locations in addition to our original store.

Redlands has been leading manufacturer of concrete and clay roofing tiles for over 90 years. In St Annes, roof tiles are supplied to us and the rest of the world from over 100 production sites. For us that means they can keep us supplied with the roofing tiles in demand. Fibre cement slates, clay and concrete tiles from Marley Eternit offer traditional and modern, some radically modern roofing tiles. Their products are particularly popular across all styles of building structures.  We turn to Cupa Pizarras for natural slate roofing. They are the world leader with many quarries and processing plants to serve the demand for slate in all sectors.

You can count on us at North West Roofing Supplies for roof tiles in St Annes for whole roof jobs or for repairs. If your roof is damaged from a storm you don’t want the cost of reroofing. The damage is repairable but you need roof tiles that match for an uninterrupted look. It’s likely we’ll be able to match your roof tiles. Contact North West Roofing Supplies or pay us a visit. We can advise you regarding the merits of the many kinds of roof tiles so you can make the right decision for your style of home, colour scheme, climate and budget. The roofing tiles we supply are good quality, readily available and will give you many years of protection.