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Roof Vents in St HelensLet in plenty of natural sunlight and fresh air with the best roof vents in St Helens from North West Roofing Supplies. We have a comprehensive range of roofing supplies to cater to a variety of roofing professionals. Whether you’re a building contractor or a DIY enthusiast, we can reach whatever you need to your doorstep six days a week. We have three branches across the North West that cover this entire region and beyond. We were established in 2001, originally in St Helens and since then we have grown to become one of the region’s best known and most reputed suppliers of roofing products. Being an independent local business, we have established  robust and enduring ties in the local communities. Along with this, we ensure that our clients get the best of what’s available in international markets in terms of new products, materials and information.

Our range of roofing accessories provides customers with all they need to give their buildings great looks but also great comfort and modern conveniences. In St Helens, roof vents are an essential part of every building. Architects and building experts deem that there should be a one sq ft roof vent for every 150 sq ft of roof area. These vents may be of different types – intake vents, soffit vents, drip edge vents, exhaust vents, ridge vents, static vents, gable edge vents, turbine and powered vents. All these vents serve different purposes, but the common feature is that they are important factors in maintaining a healthy, safe and comfortable environment. Attic vents allow free circulation of air and prevent condensation. Dampness offers rich breeding ground for allergens, fungi and pests. You need to ensure that both intake and exhaust vents are provided so that the air remains fresh.

Roof vents in St Helens also help to moderate the temperature, prevent excess build-up of hot air and protect the insulation material in your attic from damage. This increases energy efficiency and most importantly, keeps you compliant with local and council building codes in your area. Contact us immediately for all your roofing needs. Our expert tam is available for any queries you may have.