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Roof Windows in OrmskirkRoof windows in Ormskirk can and have often been easily confused with skylights, and that is no wonder. They may somewhat be similar in design, but roof windows have distinct features that separate them from skylights. They are outward opening windows incorporated as part of the design of the roof, hence the name. Roof windows tend to be larger, allowing for a wider view of the sky. Additionally, certain designs make it possible for them to be opened, thereby allowing for fresh air to circulate in the room. The additional feature of the vent flap allows you to still enjoy the fresh air even when the windows are closed.   Just like skylights however, they do provide another source for natural light to penetrate into a room. These make them perfect to be installed in lofts and attics, especially if they have been renovated for everyday use.

At North West Roofing Supplies, you’ll find quality stock and products to give you the perfect structure. In Ormskirk, roof windows from our company are by Velux. Just as ourselves, Velux ensure to roll out only quality products. This is why before distribution, the products are taken through a variety of tests in order find out how they fair in extreme weather conditions, among other factors. This is to ensure they remain durable over the years. North West Roofing Supplies caters to a variety of customers, including those who prefer to do things themselves. Other than roof windows, we also have roof tiles, slates and PVCu products in order to meet all your roofing requirements. Since 2001, we have established, maintained and developed close relations with key suppliers in the market, so that our clients get the best products at the very best prices. Our efficiency and customer satisfaction knows no bounds.

If you’re looking for roof windows in Ormskirk, contact North West Roofing Supplies today. We are available to deliver your essentials straight to your front door six days a week. We’ll provide a free estimation and specification upon inquiry, so please feel free to ask. We are more than happy to help.