Roof Windows in Prescot

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Roof Windows in Prescot

There are good reasons residential and commercial buildings have roof windows in Prescot. North West Roofing Supplies sell many to our customers because they want natural light. Most people work and learn better in natural light and feel better doing it. The solar effect helps to warm a room, and the Vitamin D we absorb from natural light is needed for good health. Natural light enables us to see more clearly than artificial light. Not to be confused with skylights, roof windows are larger and they open and close. You can see the sky through a roof window and watch the stars at night. Roof windows sit lower on a pitched roof and you can line up two or three to let plenty of light into your home or office.

The roof windows we sell at North West Roofing Supplies look fabulous. For your home or place of business in Prescot, roof windows can be fitted with shades operated remotely to control and direct the amount of light coming through. With roof windows, nothing can invade your privacy except for the odd hot air balloon. Usually the first question people ask us about roof windows is whether they leak. At North West Roofing Supplies we only sell Velux roof windows and no, they do not leak. The Velux roof window you buy today will be guaranteed for ten years to not leak because of the exclusive flashing system. Velux is the world leader in roof windows so why would we stock anything else?

North West Roofing Supplies is a leader in quality roofing supplies, including  roof windows in Prescot by Velux. We now have four locations including St Annes, St Helens, Manchester and Morecambe. If roof windows is something you or your customer have been considering for your home or place of business, contact North West Roofing Supplies. We will take all your information and supply you with a quote for the materials. We’re happy to deliver them to you or your customer’s door for installation. We don’t install but we can direct you to some of the best roofing contractors in the business. Enjoy the many benefits of natural light with roof windows manufactured and guaranteed by Velux.

Ring North West Roofing Supplies on 01617278812 for roof windows in Prescot.