Roofing Accessories in Manchester


North West Roofing Supplies has all the roofing accessories in Manchester to get the job done. We’ll help you order your roof tiles but you want to get the accessories at the same time so the job goes smoothly. You don’t want to wait until you are up on the roof to discover you need more nails, or adhesive, or underlayment. Some contractors designate one employee as a “runner”. He or she is the one who runs to the supply house for materials while the job is in progress. Don’t you think it would be more efficient to have everything you could possibly need on site and readily accessible? Certainly, the job would be finished more efficiently and for less money. Paying someone to drive back and forth is a waste of time and manpower.

We stock many Klober products because as a leading manufacturer of roofing products and accessories, we know they have a long history of excellence. In Manchester, roofing accessories and products by Klober is the most extensive you’ll find. We never have to worry about the quality when we recommend their products to our customers. Roof domes, skylights, roof vents, lead sheeting, weatherboard and more are Klober products designed to be universal for fast and simple installation. Our roofing accessories are priced to reflect our best rates from key suppliers with whom we’ve established a mutually beneficial relationship over the years.

Come into one of our five locations for roofing accessories in Manchester. Our staff will help you find what you need and if in doubt they’ll recommend the best product for the job. Our employees are not part-time college students. Some might be pensioners but they, like every other staff member, have a background in the roofing trade. Contact us and discover the thousands of products we stock so you can find everything you need in one place. We’ve been fortunate since we opened our first location in 2001 and seen tremendous growth. Our suppliers, staff and customers have made it all possible. Superior customer service in sales, delivery and estimating is our primary goal.