Roofing Accessories in Prescot

Roofing accessories in Prescot are those things often overlooked when planning and cost estimating roof work or replacement. Things like roofing felt, fasteners, coatings, cements, water shields, vents, adhesives, nails, tools and more. We stock all those things you remember you need once you’re up on the roof. We also supply roof windows, guttering systems and specialised accessories for all types of roofs. Contractors often keep a full checklist of these accessories so they can maintain a supply on their truck and replenish as needed. We can help you with what you need for roof replacement whether you’re a contractor or a do it yourselfer. Our service staff have a background in roofing so they’re here to help you with every aspect of the project.

The first things we need to know is your roof dimensions, whether it’s a new first layer or not, flat or pitched and the shingle type and colour you want. In Prescot, roofing accessories needed will depend on that list of information. When it comes to choosing shingle type our counter staff can help you compare qualities and prices so you can stay within your budget. We stock good quality brands for all our products. Once we have the critical information we can determine the accessories and their quantities you will need to complete the job. Accessories is not the place to start skimping on quality so we promote the proven brands of all products. You don’t want to buy expensive roof tiles and use weak and short nails to secure them. Your roof would last longer with cheaper tiles properly secured.

We will give you a complete materials price including roofing accessories in Prescot and deliver the materials to your job site. You can begin and finish your roof without the delays of running for materials. For contractors, time is money so we try to help you protect your time. You can use our material cost list to prepare accurate estimates for your customers and just add in your labour costs and profit margin. You can promise them no surprise added costs because you’ve got exact material costs. Contact us or stop in with your measurements. We believe in customer service that is relevant to the customer. We can answer your questions and make recommendations you can trust based on our product knowledge and experience.