Roofing Materials in Preston


When you are running your roofing and construction business, it’s important to get the best roofing materials in Preston. Your reputation relies on it. Customers and clients will often look at the materials that you are using on their homes as well as the workmanship of your employees. If you would like to earn the highest reviews, then use materials that are considered as quality products and get in touch with us at North West Roofing Supplies. Besides having one of the largest stocks of roofing materials in the North, we have a professional team to respond and assist to your needs quickly and efficiently.

Time is of the essence when a client is dealing with a leaky roof, or a sagging gutter. In Preston, roofing materials are readily available. Simply give us a call and place your order ahead, we will get everything prepared for pick-up or delivery. We offer a delivery service to your doorstep six days a week, and we pride ourselves on offering the best prices possible to our clients. We hold key relations with many manufacturers, and this allows our customers to enjoy discounts, promotions and many other offers. At North West Roofing Supplies, we are happy to provide everything required for a roofing job. Whether it’s roofing timber, or skylight products, cladding, insulation, vents, tiles and whatever else, it’s sure that you will find them in our stock. On top of that, if you have any questions regarding new items on the market, our staff members will be glad to explain their uses. For nearly 20 years, we have supplied both professional and DIY roofers with the best equipment, tools and materials for exceptional roofing projects and you can always rely on us to deliver.

For quality roofing materials in Preston, you won’t find better than the North West Roofing Supplies. If you have any further questions, please contact us. Clients are welcome to get in touch for quick estimations and specification enquiries. We have four branches all over the UK, and over a thousand of products in our warehouses, and a delivery service that is reliable.