Roofing Supply in Widnes


It’s often frustrating when searching for roofing supply in Widnes. Sometimes you have to go from one home improvement supplier to another to gather all the materials you need. One store carries tile but not timber or this one only has one brand of flat roof materials . If you’ve been a contractor for a while then you know the brands of roofing materials you prefer and why you prefer them. When you can’t find them in the stores, you end up buying less preferred materials at retail prices just to get the job done. So, why do you not come to us where you can find everything you need and want, get help estimating jobs and have the materials delivered to your job site?

Contractors sometimes think specialty supply houses charge more for materials so they shop around at the home improvement stores to find a deal. Never mind that in Widnes, roofing supply materials at such stores are often inferior products. Also, your time is worth something; all that chasing around burns time and petrol. We stock everything in well-respected brand names everyone recognises. We have spent many years building relationships with distributors of roofing materials to achieve the best possible pricing deals. We pass those price breaks along to our customers and they can be significant. Here’s why; we now have five locations to stock. Our need and ability to purchase in large quantities helps lower the prices we pay for our stock.

Contractors for roofing supply in Widnes need only register with us to receive their contractors’ discount. After that, we make it easy. Bring in the dimensions of the roof you are installing and the kind of roof tiles your customer wants. We’ll figure out the correct amount of materials needed to complete that roof along with the price. You want to give your customers an accurate estimate so you take the price we gave you for materials, add your labour and profit, deduct your contractors discount, and your estimate is ready to present. There’s no guesswork. Contact North West Roofing Supplies if you are looking for roofing materials. Speak to our knowledgeable sales staff. All of them have some background in roofing so they speak your language and they have a thorough knowledge of our materials. We make it as easy as possible for our customers.