Timber Products in Morecambe


Timber Products in MorecambeIf you need premium quality timber products in Morecambe at down to earth prices, get in touch with the specialists. North West Roofing Supplies has a comprehensive inventory of roofing supplies and timber options for both domestic and commercial projects. We welcome DIY enthusiasts and professional builders to explore our range of products. We have been in business since 2001 and are proud of our reputation for excellent quality, affordable pricing and 100% focus on customer satisfaction. Most of our work comes to us from clients who have been delighted with our products and services and are happy to recommend us to friends, colleagues and family. We continue to maintain strong professional relationships with the best suppliers to enable our customers to have access to the best available products in local and international markets.

Construction timber of high grade is one of the most valuable products that can be derived from trees. In Morecambe, timber products include solid wood and wood-based products that can be used for framing, insulation or finishing. Structural wood is used for framing options like studs, roof trusses, joists and beams. In fact, timber is so sturdy that it can be used in the construction of buildings up to six storeys tall. Wood has been in use as a construction material for centuries. It’s a natural resource that human beings have now learnt to use responsibly to ensure sustainable practices. It is strong, dense, has amazing insulation properties and can be used in almost every part of the building. It’s also biodegradable and renewable and surprisingly, carries one of the lowest carbon footprints of any comparable building material.

For all your requirements of timber products in Morecambe, you can get in touch with our highly trained, experienced team of professionals who can give you the right advice and assistance. We can come out to your site and take measurements for jobs that need trusses and also supply these products. Contact us today if you are looking for timber products for your project. Some of the product options that can be manufactured from timber include sheet materials like plywood, chipboard, structural softwood carcass timber and roofing battens.