Timber Products in Preston

Timber Products in Bolton
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Timber Products in PrestonGet your timber products in Preston for your roofing needs the same place you get the rest of your roof supplies; North West Roofing Supplies. Our roofing battens meet British Standards for type and size of timber required to ensure weather tightness, rigidity and durability. We also stock plywood and OSB boards for decking or sheathing. For your roofs that require wood trusses, some of our staff will come out to your job site and measure up the job for you then supply the timber trusses you need. Our experts is here to help in all roofing matters you might encounter. They have a background in roofing, know all about our brands and what products work the best for any roofing project.

We are in a unique position to fully supply and deliver all of your roofing materials and accessories. In Preston, timber products are stocked in sizes 3X2 and 4X2 at both our Manchester and St Annes locations. Other timber products are available at those two locations and St Helens. With three locations from which to serve you, you can count on us to have what you need and deliver it to your job site when you need it. We have five locations now so we are able to supply our tradesmen over a broad area without delay. When you have questions or want to check out what’s new one of our locations is bound to be fairly convenient for you.

Whether it’s timber products in Preston, flat roof supplies, roofing tiles, sky windows or the many miscellaneous materials and tools needed for roofing, we have it. We’ve been established many years and during that time we’ve made the effort to build relationships with manufacturers. That has helped us keep our prices low. As we’ve grown and expanded our locations, we have the privilege of buying in larger quantities, which also serves to keep our prices low. Contact us if you are looking for timber products. Let us know what the measurements for the new roof you’re starting and we’ll put the whole package together for you, price each item and deliver to your job site. It makes your job of estimating for your customers simple. We give you the material price and all you have to do is add your labour costs.