Timber Trusses in Blackpool, a Critical Component in a Building


timber trusses in BlackpoolTimber trusses in Blackpool are a critical component of a building structure. After all, they form the foundation for the roof. You probably already know that so hopefully you’ll agree that you can’t be too careful about your choice of roofing timber supplier. North West Roofing Supplies is your most reliable choice for all roofing supplies. We offer more than most supply houses in all categories of roofing, beginning with professional staff. Their grasp of the roofing trade and available products is second to none. Helping our customers, whether you are a do-it-yourself homeowner or tradesmen, is our top priority. You may have discovered for yourself that staff can’t really help much if they don’t know the products and their use. Our staff knows our products, which one is best for your needs and can answer your questions.

Of course, offering proven products at the best possible price is also a top priority. For instance, in Blackpool, timber trusses we sell are sturdy and constructed for durability and reliability. We at North West Roofing Supplies do a volume business so we get an accordingly lower price which we pass on to our customers. Beyond that though, we actively negotiate the best price from all our manufacturers and distributors. We do that by developing and maintaining a good working relationship with those we trust. That assures our customers of quality products at the best price possible. With five locations, you’ll likely find one of our supply houses convenient to your location.  It also makes for quick delivery times.

There is more we at North West Roofing Supplies can do to help with timber trusses in Blackpool. Our experienced staff will come to your job location and measure for your timber trusses. Once they’re ordered and built, we’ll deliver them to your site. Quality and service is what you get from North West Roofing Supplies, so contact us today. We’re here to help you source the roofing products you need at the best price and to answer your questions. Tradesmen, you’ll find us loyal and dependable. Do-it-yourselfers, you’ll find us helpful from beginning to end. Bring us your measurements and we’ll quote you a price for all your roofing materials.