Velux Windows in Normoss, Top Quality Roof Windows for Your roofing Project


Velux Windows in NormossIf it goes on the roof, and Velux windows in Normoss do, then North West Roofing Supplies has it. We stock thousands of roofing supplies. With five locations, we can also make fast deliveries to your job site. We supply roofing materials instead of installing them, but our staff is experienced in the roofing business. We are familiar with the types of products used every day by our contractors. When something better than what you’ve been using comes along, you will likely hear about it first from our staff. When you call us for advice you’ll be talking to people who know what you’re talking about. You can always call us to check if the product you need is in stock. We maintain a large inventory of most products because buying in quantity is one way we help you save money.

One of our most popular products is Velux roof windows. Did you know that in Normoss, Velux windows let in twice the natural light as the window in your wall? It’s true and another important bit of information is 97% of the production waste at Velux is either recycled or reused. This is on purpose because Velux has set a goal of zero waste; they’re very close. Velux is the right choice for roof windows because they’ve been in the business for over 70 years. Some of their first windows can still be found and in use. This manufacturer is always looking for the next best improvement. That’s why you can count on Velux windows to last for decades without leaking, fogging or cracking.

Contractors and homeowners install Velux windows in Normoss with confidence. The quality is guaranteed and Velux sells them in complete kits with easy instruction for installation. You can’t deny the contribution Velux roof windows make to your or your clients home or office. People feel better and work better in an atmosphere with plenty of natural light. In some instances, roof windows are the only way to accomplish that. And what a beautiful result. Contact North West Roofing Supplies for more information about the superior Velux roof windows. We can also supply the blinds for roof windows; handy on those intensely hot days or to block the view of drones.