Velux Windows in St Helens, Excellent Quality, Good Value for Money

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Velux Windows in St HelensThe Velux windows in St Helens that you want for your roof are waiting for you at North West Roofing Supplies. There are other brands but we prefer to sell products that are known to be high quality, without problems and a good value. You know, if you’re going to stand behind a product and guarantee it’s functionality and durability, wouldn’t you choose the long proven dependable brands? That’s how we feel at North West Roofing Supplies. It’s the business philosophy that has allowed us to grow. We are loyal to our customers and our suppliers and we do a high volume business. That’s how we keep our prices as low as possible. If somebody returns a Velux window because it’s defective, we’re going to be surprised. It could happen, but not often. We would have no problem supplying an instant replacement.

Velux is an established company that guarantees their products. In St Helens, Velux windows installed long ago are still functioning well. But the Velux company has never stopped improving on their products. Today, they’re better than ever, are perfectly insulated and easy to install. One of the smartest moves by the company is to sell the windows as complete kits. When the installer or roofer is ready to install your Velux window, he has every component and accessory needed to complete the job in one box. At the time you are re-roofing your house is a good time to install Velux roof windows. They allow natural light to flood those gloomy areas in your home. Plus, they add value to your property.

There are Velux windows in St Helens for all types of roofs. Fresh air and sunlight windows are available for pitched roofs, dormers and flat roofs. For flat roofs, choose the classic dome, the new flat window or the slightly curved glass window. Here at North West Roofing Supplies we also carry the accessories for your Velux roof windows. You’ll love the remote control for opening and closing your roof windows. We also have the blinds to fit your Velux windows which are also remote controlled. If you just want light, consider a Velux Sun Tunnel. Contact North West Roofing Supplies and find out more about our Velux windows. We can answer all your questions and set you up with everything you need.