Roof Domes in Lytham

Roof Domes in Manchester

Roof Domes in ManchesterWhen customers come in looking for roof bubbles, we at North West Roofing Supplies direct them to the Velux roof domes in Lytham. Roof domes are the modern version of roof windows and we think roofing contractors and their clients will be impressed by their performance and quality. The roof window is double-glazed for maximum energy efficiency with a polycarbonate cover for added protection. The framework is maintenance free and durable for decades PVC which is well insulated. Velux dome windows are designed and manufactured to insulate against sound, dust and glare. They look great in homes, offices, large entry’s and clinics and allow a profusion of natural light. We’ll show the Velux Integra to you which opens and closes remotely allowing fresh air into the rooms.

Roof domes are suitable for any roof with a slant of 0-15 degrees and comes in 9 sizes.  Instead of clear class in Lytham, roof domes are also available in opaque material. Light still filters through but the opaque domes offer privacy where needed. North West Roofing Supplies can usually offer a good price on roof domes. We offer an extensive range of roofing products and ancillary supplies needed by roofing contractors. Our suppliers are top brands for all our products. We keep the price down by maintaining good relations with our suppliers and buying in bulk for our warehouse. Our customers pay wholesale prices. The contractor buying from us can offer his customer a lower price and still make a nice profit

Roof domes in Lytham have a nice low profile and look fine on your roof. Have no fear of breakage or leaks because Velux domes are guaranteed. Guarantees are great but most of us don’t ever want to use them. We want the product to perform up to expectations and remain trouble free. That’s what Velux wants too. That’s why their roof domes are engineered to their high standards. We at North West Roofing Supplies are proud to supply these fine products to our customers. Contact us or come by one of our four locations and let us show you the Velux window domes in sizes that are right for you. Everybody works better when there’s lots of natural light. Roof domes is a good way to up your employees productivity.