Roof Slates in Eccles

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North West Roofing Supplies is the leading supplier of roof slates in Eccles. Considered the leading roofing merchant in the North West, we stock a range of products that is sure to satisfy an avid roofer or a simple DIYer. Since 2001, we have managed to develop and maintain close relationships with key suppliers. Because of this, our customers are able to get the best rates available in the industry. Whether it’s the purchase of a single tile or a project that requires a do-over of the entire roof, each customer that walks through our doors is sure to get the best deal for the supplies.

All out stores have a wide range of Cupa Pizzara slates in stock. In Eccles, roof slates that are available include the R12, H12, H27 and R27 ranges. These are available in different sizes so every customer is bound to find what they’re looking for in our stores. In the case that a specific range is not available, we are able to import them as soon as a need for them arises. Cupa Pizzara’s slates are produced in a wide range and in high quality, it’s no wonder many architects and installers opt for them over and over. You too can benefit from their range and quality of slates. You’ll also benefit from the advice provided on the slates that will best suit your project for an eye-catching finish. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and thickness to suit every customer’s needs. From dark grey slates with thin laminations and a smooth finish, to black slates and even those with a blue-black shade, you won’t be short on choices.

When you are looking for roof slates in Eccles, pay us a visit.  We’ll provide a free estimation of price and friendly advice on the slate that will be best for your project. To find out more about our range of roof slates, contact North West Roofing Supplies. If you would like to confirm the availability of a particular product beforehand, feel free to call as well.