Roof Domes in St Helens

Roof Domes in Manchester

Roof Domes in ManchesterIf you love light and fresh air then you may want to install roof domes in St Helens to make your home bright and breezy. The roof dome is a modern version of the roof bubble window. The dome consists of a high insulation PVC construction and a two layer, low energy pane. This double glazed roof window is also an excellent sound insulator. The opaque dome option provides optimal privacy and there is a choice of 9 different sizes. The polycarbonate material used in making the dome is virtually impervious to damage from hail, ice pellet sand other extreme weather. The roof domes can be operated by a fully programmable control pad that offers remote control for out of reach roof lights. A practical, pre-fitted rain sensor will close the roof light automatically in the event of rain.

Older homes were sometimes built with inside rooms where there are no windows. In St Helens, roof domes can be added to these rooms and allow sunlight and fresh air in. This will transform a dark and musty room into a bright and airy room that can be utilised for any purpose. We stock and supply the Velux range of roof domes, skylights and roof windows. Velux are one of the best manufacturers of these products and has a rigorous testing and quality control system. They expose their products to extremes of climate and expect them to function perfectly in constant daily use. Velux windows that were installed over 40 years ago are still in perfect working order.

We recommend Velux roof domes in St Helens for anyone who requires more light and air in their home. Contact North West Roofing Supplies today and order your roofing requirements from us. Our business was established in 2001 in St Helens but has grown with 3 branches covering the whole of the North West. We have developed special relationships with key suppliers which means that we can supply roofing requirements at very good prices.