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Roof Windows in BlackpoolRoof windows in Blackpool can change the ambiance of your workplace, improve your employees’ disposition and work production and save energy. When you buy them from us you’ll find they are economical units to buy and install. One reason they are so economical is because we stock Velux brand which are durable; lasting for decades.  Roof windows should not be confused with roof domes and skylights. At North West Roofing Supplies we stock roof domes and skylights too but there are some buildings where a roof window is ideal. All will allow natural light into the building and all are designed to withstand the elements according to British standards. Velux is a top brand proven to be dependable and leak proof.

It has been proven that all of us enjoy a sense of well-being when we are exposed to a natural light source. Many older buildings were designed for efficiency and in Blackpool, roof windows for employee well-being were not a consideration. Not only do humans perform better in natural light but they feel a lot better when they can breathe fresh air. Roof Windows are the answer because not only are they larger, allowing in more light, they open allowing fresh air to flow in. Naturally they seal up tight to keep out the rain and snow. Modern builders often incorporate roof windows into their new build designs because everybody knows what a great benefit they provide. But adding them to older existing buildings, while a little more work, is a successful and welcome addition if the roof slope and framework is right.

We have all the supplies and roof windows in Blackpool to complete your project. If you need installation, we have several roofing contractors we are comfortable recommending. We aren’t saying to you can’t undertake a roof window installation as a DIY project and if you do, we’re here to advise and answer questions. Our team all have a background and experience in roofing. So for roof windows, especially old work, we recommend a professional for the job. Contact North West Roofing Supplies and let us tell you why we recommend Velux Brand roof windows. Open up the roof at your business and let your employees see the sky and smell the fresh air. It’s good for business.