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Roof Vents in BoltonEnsure that your roof vents in Wigan function properly to make your building more energy efficient. North West Roofing Supplies is proud to be the region’s leading roofing merchant. We have a comprehensive range of roofing materials to meet your requirements, preferences and budget. With more than three decades in this sector, our business comprises a wide range of products from roof tiles to slates, slates, roof windows, uPVC products and more. Whether you’re a private contractor, DIY enthusiast, home-owner or commercial enterprise, we offer top-quality materials at competitive rates from the market leaders in the business. Our delivery services from three branches cover the entire North West regions and beyond.

Most building codes across the country require adequate roof ventilation. In Wigan, roof vents are essential to provide ventilation to your attic and interior areas of the roof. Roofs face a common problem of build-up of high levels of condensation in the roof spaces. Modern buildings are highly temperature controlled, with the extensive use of double glazing, insulation, or central heating. This causes a wide difference in temperatures between the warm air inside the building and the cold air outside, resulting in condensation. This can cause damage and rotting of wood work and timbers in the roof, rusting of any metal components and fixtures, build up of fungus and bacteria and damage to felt, insulation or waterproofing materials. Apart from causing structural damage, destruction of your dry wall and water running down walls and panels, condensation and water vapour are a health hazard since they provide a good breeding ground for harmful micro-organisms, bacteria, and mould. In the summer months, proper ventilation allows hot air to escape and keeps the place cool and fresh.

Roof vents in Wigan should be selected according to their suitability for the design of the roof. Our premium quality products are suitable for both pitched and flat roofs. You can pick the right design, colour and size based on the specifications of your roof. For more information about our available range of roof vents, contact North West Roofing Supplies. The proper use of roof vents ensures temperature-balance, energy-efficiency and lower utility bills.